The "Zhan Zhe Zhi-tu" of the Innovation and Distribution of DJI in the Great Xinjiang to Promote the Application of the Aerial Survey to the Development of the Intelligent Popularization

Date: 2019-07-20
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(March 28,2019) DJI Dajiang Innovation formally launched the PC-end unmanned aerial vehicle aerial survey software _ Dayan intelligence map. The software provides an autonomous route planning and flight aerial photography function, can convert the data acquired by the unmanned aerial vehicle into a digital two-dimensional orthophoto image and a three-dimensional model, So as to meet the application requirements of various industries.


Xie Tiandi, senior director of DJI Innovations, said: "surveying and mapping through drones is widely used in accident handling, facility inspection, infrastructure simulation analysis, farmland big data monitoring and so on. The traditional surveying and mapping method equipment expensive process is complex, the intelligent application is few. The release of Dajiang wisdom map has greatly improved these problems: starting from the aspects of geographical location information data acquisition, processing, application and so on, to assist customers to collect valuable information more conveniently through drones, and to database the information, so that users can easily customize omni-directional solutions, improve the degree of refinement, and speed up business delivery. Application of DJI industry in Xinjiang Help enterprises to apply UAV technology to innovate the working mode and promote the development of surveying and mapping industry in the direction of low cost, high quality, intelligence and popularization. In the future, more and more industries will benefit from the simple and efficient aerial survey services brought by Dajiang Zhitu. "

Multiple route planning meets different operation scenarios

The different application scenarios have different requirements for the route planning, and the large-scale intelligence map provides three task planning modes based on the actual user demand.

The route can be automatically generated by setting a series of navigation points on the map, which supports the setting of rich navigation point movements for each point of departure, and can adjust the parameters such as flight altitude, flight speed, flight direction, pitch angle of cloud platform and so on. For fine missions, the navigation point planning can also be carried out on the established two-dimensional orthographic map or three-dimensional model, and the planning effect is more intuitive.

The route can be automatically generated in the selected target area of the map aerial photography. Dazang wisdom map provides map marking, KML file import, aircraft marking and other three ways to add boundary points, which can also work normally without a network. During the planning process, the interface will display the expected flight time, expected number of photos and area and other important information.

Five groups of routes can be planned automatically in the selected target area of tilt photography: one group of orthographic routes and four groups of inclined routes with different orientations. A comprehensive perspective helps to build a more accurate 3D model of the real scene, and supports the setting of parameters such as the angle of the inclined cloud platform to meet the needs of different scenes.

Quickly reconstruct the site and take control of the information.

By virtue of advanced image processing technology, Dajiang Zhitu generates high precision two-dimensional orthographic map and three-dimensional model, and knows the existing assets, target objects and environment like the back of its hand.

Based on synchronous positioning, map construction and image orthogonal correction algorithm, real-time two-dimensional orthophoto image is generated during flight, so as to realize edge flying. Problems can be found in time at the operation site, and more targeted measures can be taken flexibly. 

Then the 2D reconstruction is introduced to optimize the algorithm according to different scenes such as farmland, city and so on. The fully upgraded real radiography technology effectively avoids the distortion and deformation of the image, and presents the target object and measuring area accurately and meticulously. 3D reconstruction is introduced into the images taken from different angles, and the high precision 3D model of the scene is automatically generated. The reconstruction speed is fast and the memory is small, so it is suitable for 3D reconstruction of large-scale data.

Data analysis provides more effective support for decision-making

In order to improve the operation efficiency and speed up the analysis progress, Dajiang wisdom map provides data analysis support function.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional measurement on the built-up model can easily measure the point coordinates, line distance, area, volume and other key data of the target object, and provide data support for further analysis and decision-making.

The model dimension is used to manage the measurement results after the measurement is completed, such as naming the measurement object, the dimension, the export result and so on, so that the data storage is more reasonable, and the project optimization and the report are more intuitive and efficient.

The pose of the camera can be arbitrarily clicked on the model, and all the shooting points and images here can be displayed quickly. The fast switching between the model and the image is convenient to view the site situation at any time, and check the specific details.

Support multiple industry scenarios to improve efficiency in an all-round way

Dajiang Zhitu seamlessly connects the elves Phantom 4 series UAV, starting from the data acquisition, processing, application and other links of aerial survey, to help users easily customize omni-directional solutions, improve the degree of refinement, and speed up business delivery. The integrated aerial survey operation mode of "data acquisition, data processing, data application and task execution" is realized, so that users can enter the era of information intelligent aerial survey quickly and enjoy ease and efficiency.

Dajiang wisdom map can play its powerful function in all kinds of industries: public safety: mastering the key information on the spot, making effective decisions and taking action in time. Architecture: from survey planning to construction monitoring, provide a reliable project "supervision". Infrastructure: monitor important assets and equipment at all times, optimize the construction and operation and maintenance model of infrastructure projects. Digital agriculture: to provide digital monitoring data for farmland to improve the efficiency of agricultural production in an all-round way. Film and television aerial shooting: coordinate resources ahead of time through visual rehearsal to optimize the division of labor of the team.

The high precision achievements of Dajiang intelligent map can be combined with intelligent technologies such as machine learning to support all kinds of industries to develop exclusive landing application solutions for the application requirements of data landing.

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